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Email Marketing

POSexpress' Integrated E-mail Marketing Tools will save you time and money.  Using the customer management module, POSexpress allows you to utilize customer data you've already collected to maintain your customer base and build new business.  Forget wasting your money to rent a list of e-mail addresses of people who might never respond.  Forget spending thousands of dollars on an advertising ampaign that might not work.  With POSexpress at your fingertips, you have everything necessary to create an easy, virtually FREE e-mail marketing campaign.


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  • Email Newsletters
  • Promotional and sale emails
  • Birthday specials
  • Target messaging based on frequency of visits, buying habits and demographics
  • Email blasts
  • No wasted money on postage
  • Encourage Customer Loyalty
  • Instant Advertising
  • Go Green- save paper costs!
  • Easily track success and return on investment
  • Drive traffic to your site without spending a dime 

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